Instructions: Upload your one page for the book that will go to the FranNet Associates at the FranNet Meeting. This book gives the FranNet Consultants easy access to your information and a place to make notes during the meeting. It is also a great reference tool after the meeting. By uploading your page you will not have to make copies and bring handouts to the meeting! Please note that each Franchisor/Vendor will get one side of one page (8 ½ X 11). What information is needed on this page? (click the view sample download button on the right) It is up to you, make it fun, give the consultants the information that is not on your two minute drill!
  • When creating this page please follow these guidelines:
  • List no more than 3 or 4 key points.
  • Who is buying your deal?
  • What gets the candidates excited about your deal?
  • Why you and not your competitor? What makes your deal stand out?
  • What are the challenges and/or preconceived notions in the business that I may need to get my client past?

Deadline to upload your document is 02/22/2019.

(only PDF, and Word Document files are accepted)